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A pure C++ command-line version of the original Hacknet game.


✨ Features

✈️ Try it

Download & Run

Download the newest build from the Release page or from our continuous integration.

Then execute HacknetOS.exe directly, we suggest run the game on Windows Terminal for a better experience.

You have to set the size of the console to at lease 220 x 50 characters to execute the game correctly. If your screen is too small to display full of the game, consider reducing the font size or DPI scaling settings.

Currently, some part of the game supports Chinese only, the i18n is on the way, stay tuned!

Enable BGM Feature

This step is optional, the game can work properly without BGM feature.

  1. Purchase and download Hacknet OST
  2. Run generate_bgm.ps1 using PowerShell to generate bgm directory automatically.
  3. Restart the game if started, now bgm should function properly.

📷 Screenshots





🪧 Future Plans

💻 Develop

This project is built by CMake. To build the project following the following steps:

  1. Install necessary components: Micorsoft Visual C++ buildtool, CMake
  2. Run the following command to build the project:
mkdir build && cd build # Create build dir
cmake .. # Initialize CMake project
cmake --build . # Build the project

Currently, the project is only supported to be built on windows platfrom, using MSVC toolchain.(But using other generator such as Ninja is supported)

The cross-platform support is under consideration!

We are strongly suggest using the following Code Editor to develop:

❤ How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the project: logging bugs, submitting pull requests, reporting issues, and creating suggestions.

Even if you have push rights on the repository, you should create a personal fork and create feature branches there when you need them. This keeps the main repository clean, and your personal workflow cruft out of sight.

We’re also interested in your feedback for the future of this project. You can submit a suggestion or feature request through the issue tracker. To make this process more effective, we’re asking that these include more information to help define them more clearly.

Special thanks

Scripts and ideas from: Hacknet

Don’t forget to try it if you like these type of games!

Copyright 2022 EdgeNeko
Licensed under GPLv3 license.